• The False Start by The Red Hat Man (Craig Rounds)

    Mr. Good Employee got up this morning, got dressed in his good employee uniform, made sure he had his ear plugs, pens and a smile on his face. He left for work, as had been arranged clear back on Friday. Mr. Good Employee gets to work before he said he would be there. He checks the doors and all six of them are locked, the garage door is down. He sees the lights of the office are on like someone has been in there recently. But nothing is happening. No orders for deliveries are on the table. Someone has already been and gone. Mr. Good Employee calls the national office…

  • Dream Catcher Explorations ~Red Hat Man~ by Craig Rounds

    Not the net… The ephemeral The real and hear and now. The dream beyond this second in time, Being made concrete through actions and choices and voices. No wishing and every wish comes true. Only one reason to fail… One that always comes true. The real and here and now. The ephemeral Not the net… To continue reading Dream Catcher Explorations click here.