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Surrender by Dawn Ellis

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“I got a DUI a year or so ago. Anyone can get one. Do you mind driving?” he asks, charmingly, hopping in the passenger seat.

“Sure,” I say, honored.

“Use those side mirrors. You don’t need to turn and look,” he coaches me along the highway.

“Oh, okay,” I answer, eager to please.

“You don’t have to turn on your blinker when you’re already in a turn lane.”

Grateful for the lesson, I say, “I never knew that.”

“Pull into that spot, right in front.”

“I’m not very good at parallel parking,” I apologize. “And the spot looks kind of small.”

“Hey, let me do this, so we can get in there and get a drink. It’s okay if I just park the car,” he reassures. He spins the steering wheel one way, then the other, deftly maneuvering into the tight space. He turns the tires to the curb, jumps out of the car, tosses my keys at me, and speed walks into the bar.

I stand at the curb looking after him, adoringly. . .

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