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When She Left By Hawwa Alam – Youth Writing Contest Winner

cwcMa says the world is a bad place. She says keepin’ away is our best bet for safety. The earth is like a ship’s biscuit, and all the people are weevils burrowing away, tryna hide their evil. That’s what she says. I agree, because no-one says nothin’ to Ma that’s not what she likes and gets away with it. But sometimes I wonder what’s on the outside; behind the trees that bow and whip their leaves in the wind like hair on a wee girl’s head. I sometimes sit at the window and just think things like that. Ma says it’s a waste of time dreamin’ – that it’s just lettin’ fluff gather in your brain and that good, smart girls never say what if. But I’m not a smart girl. I’m just Lilith Weaver, Lil for short – and I like dreamin’. Ma doesn’t need to know that.

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