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Stripes by Jonah Barrett

JonahBarrettHeadshot1 Missed Call, 1:25am

Sylvia Zou, 1:26am: Are you asleep? This isn’t anything scary but could you call me?

Sylvia Zou, 2:34am: Okay possibly scary. Not about us but I’m freaking out right now. I feel really bad, and I think your phone is down and…fuck. I’d really love your help right now Megan. I know you hate it when people are touchy feely but you help me a lot sometimes

2 Missed Calls, 2:39am

Sylvia Zou, 2:55am: I’m a little better now. I still wanna talk though. Please. Not for any real reason, I think it would just calm me down, or something. I’m really sorry for this slew of texts. Uncool of me.

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Shell of a Mom by Jonah Barrett

JonahBarrettHeadshotWe didn’t wanna come to the aquarium. We wanted to go to the boardwalk instead. The boardwalk had all kinds of gross rides and smelly food stands and cute boys with crooked teeth that smiled at you when you looked at them. Ava and I had saved up all month for this day out; we were going to get sick on the Zipper and eat crappy elephant ears and purchase shit clothing that we’d regret later that night. The aquarium didn’t have that. But that’s where we were.

“This’ll be great,” her mother said as we stood in line. Ivy. Glorious Ivy. Doing us a favor. An unwanted favor. “When was the last time you took me to the aquarium? I bet the belugas are all grown up by now.”

“I don’t care, Mom,” Ava rolled her eyes. Perfect stereotype of a spoiled fifteen year-old girl. Ava was really neither fifteen nor spoiled. But she played the part well. It was that attitude, that was how you made it in this world. I wondered if Ivy had been like that at our age.

Ava gave out a heavy sigh as soon as we got through the aquarium doors. I kept quiet, still embarrassed over the fact that Ivy had paid for my ticket. “Let me get it Sara,” she held her hand up as I started to protest, trying to be an adult for the first time.

“It’s only money,” she said. She smiled. Three adult tickets please. ADULT. But we weren’t adults, this was a play-date. This was something Ivy missed.

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