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Dressed To Kill by L. Lisa Lawrence

L. LisaShe drew the riding crop slowly, teasingly down the center of his chest to his groin, which she playfully circled before bringing it down on his inner thigh hard enough to raise a welt. He felt a surge of arousal and anger.

As he lay on the four poster bed, naked, in biting leather restraints he looked at his wife of 20 years with amusement. He hadn’t wanted to bother with her on this day, much preferring to spend it with his current mistress, a much younger and more sexually adventurous woman, but she had surprised him by delaying her trip a few hours so that they could spend part of Valentine’s Day together and setting up the bedroom as a play area.

She didn’t look like herself. Clad in a leather bustier and thigh high boots with stiletto heels and wearing a red wig, she looked much like the woman he currently preferred, taller, wilder, kinkier… He would still have plenty of time to hop in the shower and meet her for their hotel rendezvous in the city.

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Covert Operation Calico by L. Lisa Lawrence

head shot 04-14The story you are about to hear is true.

Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Since no one was actually innocent, I didn’t bother.

There are friends you call in the dark of the night, when you need someone to help move furniture. That was my friend Houston S Wimberly the Third.

There are friends you call in the dark of the night, when you need to move a body… Apparently, that would be me.

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This Old House~a poem by L. Lisa Lawrence

head shot 04-14This old house has stood for nearly 100 years It was occupied by Italian immigrants in 1917 It housed families during the great depression It has seen troops return from two world wars

This old house was built from the forests of the Pacific Northwest Its beams are thick and sturdy Its floors are old growth Douglas Fir Its roof grows moss if not well maintained

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