• Like Butterflies By Lorna McGinnis

    “I want to forget.” She looked upwards, into its eyes, trying to sound firm. “Don’t you all.” It raised an eyebrow. It was amazing how human it looked. If she didn’t know better she would have mistaken it for a woman. It wore a tailored suit and a string of pearls. Its hair was blond, going gray at in places, and done up into a neat bun. It was classy without being ostentatious. “Can you do that? Make me forget?” She smoothed a hand over her blouse and shifted back a little. “It depends.” It quirked its mouth into something that was almost a smile. Now that she considered, it…

  • A Touch of Shade by Lorna McGinnis

    Clouds cast shadows like hawk’s wings, Breathing down my neck when the wind turns cold. The gloom elongates, stretching up the brick walls, Dimming them so their flushed redness fades to gray. To continue reading A Touch of Shade, click here.

  • The Valley of Nowhere by Lorna McGinnis

    The wide white wall Of clouds blurring together, Like ordinary days. The long gray road Smeared with tire streaks— The transient traces Of those racing through, In search of off ramps. Cars hurtling towards the mountains, Sketched against the coming hours. To continue reading The Vally of Nowhere click here.