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Don’t Piss Off the Fairies by Lory French

IMG_20140517_161510He’s there against the wall, straining so hard that the veins on his neck are popping out. Grunting in terror or maybe pain, he’s got his elbows straight out in front of him, hands crossed and against his neck. At first I think he’s strangling himself until I notice that he is suspended about 6 inches off the ground. An icy chill rushes over me from scalp to sole, rebounding back up into my chest. This guy looks like he is fighting for his life against an enemy I can’t even see. My instinct to help is completely embattled by my instinct for self-preservation in the face of a visual I can’t reconcile. I rock on my heels back and forth as if I am going to lunge into the fight, but I can’t muster the courage. I can’t even believe that I’m actually witnessing what I must be witnessing.

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The Faithful Wife by Lory French

IMG_20140517_161510“I told you I wasn’t ever going to go into sordid details,” Olivia sighed, tired of the drawn out conversation.  Dave could be such a little bitch when he wanted to be.  She was tired and knew that tomorrow morning was only going to bring a long march of more whining from the kids she’d be chaperoning up to Everett for a field trip on some whale watching boat. She ran her hand longingly over her empty pillow.

“I need to know now.  I know I said I was ok with it, but I just …. I can’t take looking at every guy we know and wondering ‘Is it him?  Did he know I gave permission?  Is he laugh…”

“PERMISSION???” She exploded.  “Permission?   I for damned sure didn’t need your fucking permission.”

Dave threw up his hands in surrender.   “That was a poor choice of words.”

“Yes, the hell it was!”

“I just…..Olivia I can’t take it anymore.   I know what we agreed to do, and I have been trying to just let it go, but you know everything about her.  Everything.  What we did, where we went, how long it went on.”  Olivia buried her ears in her hands, willing him to shut up.   “Don’t do that, babe. I just need a name.  I can’t handle second guessing all our friends.  It’s making it worse.”

“Making what worse?” Olivia questioned.  “You. Cheated. On. Me.  This is not something I brought down on us.  You cheated on me.    As for my ‘revenge fuck,’ as you wanted to call it, I can promise you it’s no one you know.  That’s a guarantee.”

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