• A Town Called Home by Morf Morford

    There might be places I’d prefer to be anchored, But I find myself here, As if I had no other place to call home Among the many places I’ve seen. To continue reading A Town Called Home, click here.

  • No Kind of Rain by Morf Morford

    No kind of rain Falls in the distance No wind to carry fortunes Or even weary wings home There are dark birds That emerge From far corners There is little steady kindness From the turning of the earth The seasons chafe As if the earth itself Was running dry To continue reading No Kind of Rain, click here.

  • I Love the Mythology of Monsters Emerging by M. Morford

    I love the mythology of monsters emerging from the darkest of woods, Of spirits brought forth in rage by a human transgression, Its presence called out To avenge a human violation. We dig into the earth as if it was ours to dissect, Our machines and unleashed greed Take us far past where our sense would take us. Nothing is sacred when nothing is held back. In these hands, and under these eyes, Peace is as fragile and elusive as sleep. To continue reading I Love the Mythology of Monsters Emerging click here.