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An Only Child’s Contemplation by V. S. OPalenick

LOGOThis Author came into this life carrying a burden of obligation. Not to me or anyone in particular, but rather to Life itself.

I don’t think it really matters how privileged, or non-, an individual is. The Only Child, literally and figuratively, carries a certain self-driven loneliness – forever in search of achieving “the dream” – which is ultimately and entirely up to the individual. “One man’s dream is another man’s fancy.” More importantly, is how that dream unfolds and its magnitude on the dreamer and the space the dream is intended to impact.

Before proceeding, let me say, the Only Child is not necessarily a status imposed by birth and lack of siblings. At some point in our lives we all find we have become the Only Child. It might be by birth or from segregating oneself from genetic lineage – whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Or it may be a result of outliving the rest of one’s pod, familial or otherwise. Extensively, it may be a choice to pursue a direction – a calling if you will – which is unfamiliar or unapproved by those closest to us. Suffice it to say, sooner or later, we all become the Only Child. Knowing how to operate in that context is the challenge, especially for those unaccustomed to being without the energy of noise and others’ impositions on them.

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