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My Prostitute Story By William Turbyfill

521628_10153084132195624_555272240_nThis is my one and only story with a prostitute that I am aware of.

It snowed for the past few days and the city of Tacoma only saw fit to plow every other street. Back then, I worked downtown at a call center and got off work at 1am. I walked to my car parked 3 blocks away listening to the spillover of a nearby club making raucous noises in the streets. My poor car. The driver side door was forever secure and needed me to enter the passenger side so that I might crawl over the gear shift in order to drive her.

Upon entering I noticed two things. The first thing was that the front windshield was frozen over. Not unexpected considering the weather and could be easily solved.
The second thing was a real bitch. Due to the cold and the forces of evil, the passenger side door would not shut. The latches or whatever wouldn’t latch or whatever and the door insisted on staying open. On the one hand the driver door would not open and literally on the other hand the passenger door would not close.

I started the car and began attacking the first problem with the defrost button. If things went as planned, the heat would clear the windshield and melt the coldhearted heart of the frost demon who kept my door from closing.

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One of Time, an excerpt for a work in progress by William Turbyfill

521628_10153084132195624_555272240_n“I guess we’ll have to have class indoors then.” This was not the first time Professor Clifford Barrow made this joke but his students laughed just the same. Despite his tendency to be a bit of a recluse and his inability to make a good joke, Professor Barrow was well respected. Some of his students even liked him.

The class room was bright which stood in stark contrast to the rain and darkness outside. Before Clifford arrived on the planet, he did not realize that when they say it always rains on Ravis, they mean it always rains on Ravis. The sun never broke through the constant rainstorm and the dark clouds enveloped the entire planet forcing a perpetual state of night. This provided few distractions for the students and was one of the reasons Ravis was known for producing the brightest minds in Council Space.

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Way Home by William Norris Turbyfill

cclogoWhile he was still a long way off, the young man collapsed as if dead. His legs burned and his stomach ached. He was parched, hungry and tired and his body was failing him. His eyes could just make out the walls ofhis father’s property but now, it seemed farther away than it ever had before. He had hoped that the sight of his family home would be enough to pull him forward, that last bit of motivation he needed to keep moving. But now, the weight of his shame and regret began to crush him and his body was too weak to fight back.

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