“The Crisp Crease in Her Book Corner” by Sasha Victor


The crisp crease in her book corner

Demarcates a ceasefire

That she may rest for fresh wars to rage in her heart tomorrow.



She watches the tired pages, set standing sternly on the dreary shelf,

As they look at her.

She is sure they’re as jealous at being apart as she, yearning also to unfold themselves.

Her weary eyes wrest sleep from her curious heart.



But only fleetingly.

Before the mists can lift in the morning

She un-creases the crisp corner, lifting the armistice momentarily.

She gladly trudges back into the mire,

Her anxious heart burning to unfold further,

To demarcate, to lay claim to new adventure.

Sasha Victor moved to Tacoma four years ago to chase love and friendship. Victor found both in abundance, plus an adorable cat to obsess over. You can find their words and cat pics on FB and IG @sashaandsebald.