The dawn of love by Cordell Corbin

I am the fool.
The hanged man.

I am the fool for being so hung
watching from a safe distance.
I lock away my words,
every time they are uttered
They are brushed from your tower walls
And crumble
To the ground.

The hanged man, the fool.
Upright, reversed.
My spread.

These cards are not reading in
My favor.
I am lost;
hung up on you and soon whatever this is will end.
hope to move on.
hope to draw on
the wheel of fortune.
The lovers.
The sun.
All upright.

Let the drawing of a new
Spread lead the
Way to a new sunrise upon us.
Upon what we are.

May your words and actions align just as the
Stars did.

As they did so we could exist at the same time.
As they did so these cards would
Come from the stack.
So the faces would sit upright and lay in my favor.

We are the same.
Same sign, same feelings.
We draw upon each other as I draw upon these cards.
As clouds exit our lungs
And you hold me close.

These cards have been drawn,
And they’re not reading in my favor, but
I’m tired of reading.
So I’ll just take my chances
With fate.


*Cordell Corbin is an 18 year old queer kid born and raised in Tacoma Washington who loves writing and is just hoping to make it into art school.