The Poets by Jennifer Chushcoff

Written after attending a lecture by Professor Robert Hass, the former U.S. poet laureate.

We mouth the words, we chant,
we rise and fall in rhythm
as we drink the verse together.

Our tongues in chorus
curl, unfurl,
wrapping measures in our mouth
humming life back into language.
We know the necessary pause
and patiently delay,
then begin again.

Together, we keep pace
until the end.

Sated weariness sets in
as the meaning of the world is gleaned
in our shared moment of expression, yet—

something still unspoken,
we all sense,
remains unknown.

One day we will follow
where the poets went


Jennifer Chushcoff is pleased and honored to have produced award-winning children’s books, articles, short stories and poetry with work in anthologies, magazines and a letterpress print. Her popup book, Snowflakes, won a Moonbeam Gold Medal and was translated into French and Japanese. Her twisted tales as the ‘Fairy Gothmother’ appear in Crow Toes Quarterly, Creative Colloquy, Underneath the Juniper Tree and in an RL Stine-funded anthology. Easter Numbers is her newest popup and won a Moonbeam bronze. Her latest nonfiction project, WA Is Water, is a book of poems, photos and facts that celebrates Washington. It was awarded a grant by the Tacoma Arts Commission.