The Train by Sue Pivetta

When at night I chance to hear
A train’s soulful whistle blow
The silent evening sonneteer
Creates a longing in my soul

A haunting evening reveille
Sad and sweet, it pulls my heart
Towards some forgotten memory
This sound now does impart.

I pause in breath, so I can hear
Hoping for another call
She starts out far, then comes near
Moaning out a lonesome drawl.

So what young lover was it
That parted with the train?
Who left this sorrowful epithet?
I can’t recall a face nor name.

Could the cry so sweet and low
Mourn a love that never came
Echoing through hearts grown cold
For all lost love that had no claim?


*Sue Pivetta is a Tacoma based author, artist, activist, speaker, mediator and business owner.  Former organizer for the 100th Monkey and currently seeking to be a Board Member of Shared Housing Services in Tacoma.