The Valley of Nowhere by Lorna McGinnis

The wide white wall
Of clouds blurring together,
Like ordinary days.

The long gray road
Smeared with tire streaks—

The transient traces
Of those racing through,
In search of off ramps.

Cars hurtling towards the mountains,
Sketched against the coming hours.

Passengers squirming in their stiff seats
As they inhale the dusty solitude.

Life folding inward,
Encased behind silica windows,
Reflected out to that unresolved, imagined place—

Where the highway crumbles
At the feet of the bare brambled wild.


*Lorna McGinnis is a student at the University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, with an English major and a Spanish minor. She practices many different types of creative writing including screenwriting, short stories, and poetry. In her free time she enjoys Agatha Christie and martial arts.