The Writer’s Workshop Series

Poetry as Protest, as Proclamation, as Prayer

Friday, April 16, 7 p.m. $5. Registration is Required.

Duante Wright’s mother weeping, huddled in her blanket, being prevented from going to her baby as he lay in the street for hours…

Duante Wright’s beautiful son no longer having his father to hold him close, to watch him grow, to give HIM the talk…

Duante Wright’s arms raised, hands up, complying…

These are the only forms on my mind, on my heart.

Join me in a generative workshop exploring the function of poetry as protest, as proclamation, as prayer.

No prior writing experience is necessary for this workshop.

Lydia K. Valentine is unapologetically Black. She is a passionate activist for equity and social justice, a proud mom of two amazing people, and an autistic, queer, card-carrying Blerd. She grew up in Aliquippa, Pa, a small, steel mill town north of Pittsburgh, and though she now calls the Pacific Northwest her home, she is a Quip for life. Through her own writing and the projects to which she contributes as a dramaturg, director, or editor under Lyderary Ink, Lydia always seeks to amplify the voices of those who are often stifled, ignored, and marginalized in what has been the accepted narrative of the United States. Lyderary Ink maintains ongoing partnerships with empathos company, The Mahogany Project, Pork Filled Productions, Speak the Magazine, Toy Boat Theatre, and the We Out Here Festival. At the end of the 2020 school year, Lydia shifted from teaching full time at the Seattle Girls’ School to focusing on creative pursuits and consulting. She is working on putting together a virtual reading of her play, Aliquippa, and developing playwrighting and poetry workshops.

Writing Interactive, Vivid Settings

Saturday, May 15, 6:30 p.m. $5. Registration is Required.

Create interactive, vivid settings necessary to the plot and the character development: how a character is shaped by, lives with, interacts with, or fights against their social, environmental/natural, governmental, religious, cultural, familial surroundings.

Tyrean Martinson, lifelong SFF fan and reader, fenced foil and saber in a college club at WWU where she went for a BA in English Education. She currently lives near Gig Harbor, works as a tutor and homeschool English teacher, and enjoys bicycling on flat trails. She’s the mom of two college-age daughters who are both into engineering and who don’t like Star Wars, fencing, or Shakespeare, which means her brainwashing efforts failed. Tyrean is an indie author of several books, both fiction and non-fiction, and has had over 100 short works published. She’s a volunteer admin for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, a member of the SCBWI, and a volunteer podcaster for One Hope Church. She’s on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and has a blog at Her newest novella, Liftoff, was something she wrote to entertain herself during early quarantine, a “popcorn movie” style YA novella she hopes will be fun for readers, too.

Writing for Remembrance

Wednesday, June 16, 6 p.m. $5. Registration is Required.

A workshop of self exploration through writing. Writing will be focused on remembering, voicing your needs and desires, taking responsibility, supporting growth, and defining self. This will be an opportunity to tell your story and also to tell the story of how others have impacted you.

Katherine Felts is a biracial/Black poet who currently calls Tacoma home. She enjoys writing in many genres, but focuses most often on poems and creative nonfiction. She has performed with or at: First Night Tacoma, UW Tacoma, The Peoples Assembly and Creative Colloquy. She also sometimes hosts podcasts, emcees events and panels, and leads personal development workshops. 

You Are a Sea Cucumber, You Are a Wolf: Writing Like an Animal


Creative Colloquy has partnered with the Puyallup Public Library to present You Are a Sea Cucumber, You Are a Wolf: Writing Like an Animal with Troy Kehm-Goins.

Stay tuned for registration and full workshop details.

Troy Kehm-Goins is a Puyallup poet and artist who has been published in WRIST, Post Defiance, Read Write Poem, and Les Sar’zine. His work is a mixture of the everyday and the mythological, drawing upon diverse influences and inspirations. He has also self-published four poetry chapbooks, the most recent of which is Black Psalms. He resides online at Troy’s Work Table ( where he explores books, art, beer, and wandering.