Times-bestselling author of The Lunar Chronicles and T-Town Local, Marissa Meyer.

from Julia laughingFollowing is the (entirely untouched) prologue from the very first novel I ever attempted to write, begun when I was sixteen years old and sitting on the bleachers in gym class. It was basketball day. So odd the things you remember.

Though in reading it fourteen years later there are about a million “beginner’s mistakes” I can point out – things that would make me cringe in my writing today – I actually found revisiting this story to be surprisingly refreshing. Even now I can remember how much I loved this world and these characters that I was beginning to create. Though I’d been writing fanfiction for about two years at that point, this was my first foray into original fiction and the act of creating something brand new, entirely from my own imagination, was wonderfully addictive in a way that continues to amaze me even now.

I hope readers will enjoy this glimpse into my “forgotten novels drawer,” and that all aspiring writers – young and old alike – will be inspired. Go forth and create.

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