“To My Barista at Bluebeard Coffee Roasters and to the City You Serve” by Sasha Victor

An erasure poem


Source: If on a winter’s night a traveler

By Italo Calvino; Translated by William Weaver


faces seen thousands of times

in a city

whose streets

bear a weight of habit


habitual faces, whose features

thicken or sag

evening after evening



beauty of the city; even now I feel

a kind of weariness settle

on her


They have known

everything there is to know about her,


the bridge


there is a veil

that settles

and blurs


a weight of memories



her as

for the first time


Sasha Victor immigrated to America as a child of political refugees during the tail end of the Cold War. He’s thankful for the opportunity to live the American Dream in the City of Destiny, but is frustrated that the whole experience often gives him indigestion. Check out his words and cat pics on social media at Sasha & Sebald as well as the following fine magazines: Creative Colloquy, Misfit Magazine and 50-Word Stories.