When She Was Sick by Vince Genna

When she went through it,
I captured every moment as I helped her,
Push aside every doubt that,
Maybe she wouldn’t make it out; Alive and well,
We were swell…

I would act like everything is fine,
It wasn’t; I could see it in her eyes,
It was too painful for her to cry,
She would bat them in pace with every second the clock would tick,
So she wouldn’t have to see my face as she lost me…

When she was sick she would tell me,
It isn’t easy,
Life isn’t easy,
Dying isn’t easy,
She wasn’t breathing.

I woke up to a gasp for air,
Lying next to her,
trying to catch her hair; as if it defined her,
Maybe I could,
Try to piece back together the last thing she would have remembered,
Had she been there…

She could turn black and back to blue,
Faster than the life support could pump the oxygen back into,
Those fragile lungs that I wish I could jump into,
Crushing me from doing nothing more…
Than breathing.
I just remember wishing it was me instead of her,
That somehow there was an answer…

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