“Whispers in the Wind” by Alessandro Gelmini

The wind holds no secrets

though its sound says otherwise.

What was just here

is now there;

then high above in branches

let sway.


Grazing the sea

holding scents of petrichor,

howls in the night elapses

our fallacies.


Currents mirror wind

slither below the water,

mother bird always returns to shore.


Dusk rolls in,

clouds wrap around all that exists

pushed by wind’s breath –

all while being lured into night’s lullaby.


Sitting on the bow,

blushed by moonlight-

wind dies down like leaves in fall.


Speaking aloud,

words reverberate back through nostrils.

Wind carries salt for the wounds,

the fire in these hands extinguish with the cool water.

Alessandro Gelmini is a writer and student at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, pursuing a BA/BS in Creative Writing and Forest Ecology. He will always call the PNW his home and takes off for the mountains whenever he can. Alessandro is passionate in focusing on what he calls, the “Poetry of the Wild.