“You Are a Poem” by Jennifer Preston Chushcoff

Every agony and ecstasy

Every pulsing, beating, breathing


You are a poem.

Your body beloved

Is Hallowed.

Sometimes broken or bent,

But always remember this,

Always Holy,

Always Healing.

You are becoming.

You are a poem.

Made of earth, of comets

And collisions

A violent beauty at birth.

Your cries, your voice,

A sacred song.

Each unseen defeat,

Each anguished faltering,

You gather and rise up—

A Battle Hymn

Written on your skin.

You are a poem.

Jennifer Preston Chushcoff is a word nerd with a Halloween heart. She was born and raised in Southern California and continued her trek north after attending UC Berkeley. Jenn has been frolicking in the woods and water of the Pacific Northwest ever since. She’s an award-winning author, artist and Master Gardener with work in anthologies, journals and children’s books. Her nature-inspired art appears in galleries and private collections. Jenn is excited to connect the South Sound community and has enjoyed watching CC rise from the waters like a mighty literary kraken. Stalk her: www.byJenn.com. Say hello: contact@byjenn.com.