New Stories for August 17, 2020



“You Are a Poem” by Jennifer Preston Chushcoff

Every agony and ecstasy

Every pulsing, beating, breathing


You are a poem.

Your body beloved

Is Hallowed.

Sometimes broken or bent,

But always remember this,

Always Holy,

Always Healing.

You are becoming.

You are a poem.

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“Funeral” by Troy Kehm-Goins

An erasure of Chapter 69 of Moby-Dick

The body
flashes Slowly
insatiate rapacious

floats further and further
floats murderous
for hours and hours

pleasant joyous
death floats infinite
mocking mourning

life needed it
this desecrated body
nevertheless floating

“Cotton Candy Ghosts of the Pier” by Elizabeth Beck

Like a late summer bee diving into a bowl of pollen

He’s outside smoking beyond the thin


framing him, bridal, in the gauze of just-before-night

ecstatic blue, blazing almost neon

before thundering into black

lit ends of cigarettes as lighthouse

beacons beckoning, warning

those are scuttling, tearing rocks

His mouth is full of them

a graveyard of

stumbling blocks

a velvet viper poised and coiled

In the coals of his nicotine fired

chest there is diamond dust

that glitters up into his eyes

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