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DeForest Kelley Up Close and Personal: A Harvest of Memories from the Fan Who Knew Him Best (Book Excerpt) by Kristine Smith

From the Chapter: STAR TREK CEREMONIES — 1991

Sue had asked her club members to send De cards and notes of congratulations for his upcoming star ceremony on the Walk of Fame scheduled for December 18 that year, so she could send them to him and Carolyn as part of their anniversary package. Carolyn called to tell me how choked up De was by the sentiments expressed therein, from all the fans who had responded to Sue’s request.

The card that I had sent De read: “Great men may be among us…but none compare to you.” I had taped a few small photos of De, De and me, and De and Carolyn inside the card and then written, “Congratulations on your STAR and for remaining the wonderful person you are! Love, Kris.” On the empty, inside facing page, I had quoted the trailer from Trek VI: “They have been our guides, our protectors, and our friends.” Beneath that, I had written, “How very fortunate I feel! Most fans have had only the reel McCoy as their guide, protector and friend—and are grateful. I have had DeForest Kelley as ‘all of the above.’ Your caring has transformed me into someone worthy of being cared about. Thank you. God Bless you. I love you.” For the accompanying letter, I created a special letterhead on my PC. The heading was respectfully engraved, “YOU DESERVE ALL OF LIFE’S GOOD THINGS. YOU ARE ONE OF LIFE’S GOOD THINGS.”

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Flavor of Roses by Jayne Marek

I meant to choose chocolate, but it was a slow night
At a Middle Eastern restaurant in Paris, and the owner
Chatted with me while his children played near the back wall

Or approached with amber eyes at table height to watch
This strange American off the beaten path, eating
Rice and goat meat, flat bread. The night was mild for winter,

And I suppose windows shone high over this tiny alley
Where the restaurant squeezed between walls. There may
Have been rain. Dessert arrived before I could say “chocolate”

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Assemblage by Alicia Johnson

As the last screws were tightened, the final circuitry installed, I found awareness – awareness of my purpose and of my individuality. My brethren lay beside me, forty total in a row, while the arms of our forebears polished our alloy panels and attached our limbs.

Great vibrations whispered, pulsated down our wiring, brought our extremities fully to life in a rush of electrons. We simultaneously lifted our torsos, stretched out our fingers, exercised our joints, tested the functionality of our processors. Visions flooded our mainframes: the Great Star peeking over the horizon, its light penetrating the dust of the surface, illuminating the deep caverns of this moon we inhabit. Data formed to images of our forebears, raising their voices, humming, quivering in harmony, their silver limbs uplifted in celebration; we had created life.

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Fireworks by Christina Hendricksen

If there are sparks
you know it’s meant to be.
Fuel and an oxidizer bind together
like summer lovers.
Get yourself someplace cozy and
prepare for blast off.

Indulge in that breathless moment between
lighting the fuse and the explosion, that
moment when your stomach lurches and
you wonder if you truly can pull this off.

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