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New Stories for 7/21/2014


Coming Down The Mountain, Excerpt from the forthcoming book, THE HERMIT by Gabriel Roberts

The HermitMy poor bike was covered in ice for days on end and it took some time for it to warm up.  I had moved it before the first snow into a shelter that was being used to dry out the weed.  Before I could even get to the road, I would have to travel three quarters of a mile through foot deep untouched snow up a hill.  Trying to do this with my motorcycle alone, packed with a fully loaded bike and 50 lb backpack was simply impossible.  My boss pulled their quad up to my bike and wrapped a car towing strap around the front forks of my bike.  In what I can only characterize as the most brilliant and dangerous backwoods towing job I’ve ever come across, we inched up the hill, essentially being dragged and sledded by my boss riding in reverse.  Miraculously, I had made it to the top and said goodbye to my kind employer.

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Riviera Jet Lag Party by Joshua Swainston

Nice Beach ChairThe story takes place on July 2nd 2000

“Why do you want to sleep? You slept on the train,” Claire said, exiting the Sephora boutique.

“I’m tired. What do you want me to do?” Adam tailed behind. They had been shopping their way through Nice, France since they arrived that morning.

“I want you to come with me. We’re going to meet up with Alice and Sonia for dinner.”

“I’m sure you would have a much more fun without me sleeping through the meal.”

“We’re only in Nice two days and you want to sleep. When we were planning this trip, you insisted we see the French Riviera. You said you didn’t want to just go from Venice to Paris. You aren’t going to see anything from the hotel bed.”

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The Music Lesson by Alec Clayton

Author photoAs first dates go, this one was outstanding. She had the biggest eyes he had ever seen, and deep dimples. He loved dimples. The meal was enjoyable and not too heavy. He was confident that he came across as witty and sincere.  When he took her home she invited him up for a drink. They sat side-by-side on the couch, she with her feet tucked yoga style. At last he worked up the nerve to kiss her and she responded, if not passionately at least firmly. Deciding not to pussyfoot around, he reached between her legs.

”No,” she said, pulling his hand away.

“No? Not gonna happen?”

“Nope. Sorry. Not gonna happen.”

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One of Time, an excerpt for a work in progress by William Turbyfill

521628_10153084132195624_555272240_n“I guess we’ll have to have class indoors then.” This was not the first time Professor Clifford Barrow made this joke but his students laughed just the same. Despite his tendency to be a bit of a recluse and his inability to make a good joke, Professor Barrow was well respected. Some of his students even liked him.

The class room was bright which stood in stark contrast to the rain and darkness outside. Before Clifford arrived on the planet, he did not realize that when they say it always rains on Ravis, they mean it always rains on Ravis. The sun never broke through the constant rainstorm and the dark clouds enveloped the entire planet forcing a perpetual state of night. This provided few distractions for the students and was one of the reasons Ravis was known for producing the brightest minds in Council Space.

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Fly on the Wall by Rockford Rowley

CC picMost people we encounter don’t understand us. They merely occupy the relatively fleeting, disposable roles in our lives we inadvertently have but seldom gain insight from. But we can hope. We can hope to be understood. We can hope to find people who perceive our personality exactly the way we so carefully present it. There are a lucky few who find people who perceive it exactly the way they intended. As if they’ve been an un-perceivable fly on the wall your entire life, carefully observing you, only to be miraculously transformed into a human being the moment before meeting you. And on one unsuspecting evening last summer I felt like one of those lucky few.

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