New Stories for December 11, 2017


“Peak Experience” by Jack Cameron

     “Sean, we’ve all seen the videos. That incredible photo. We know the story of what happened. What we don’t know is what it was like for you. What was it like ending that rampage?”
     “Let me tell you, Megan, it was a peak experience. Do you know what that means?”
     Sean’s about to launch into his whole monologue about “peak experiences” like he has three times in the last week and probably hundreds of times before to freshman bar girls. Sean Harris is America’s hero. He saved my life. Three weeks ago he shot and killed the man who held a gun to my head. The gunman was Brian, a coworker I had known for four years. He was a nice guy until they fired him. Sean’s the security guard.
     When Brian fell after being shot, I fell with him. I rolled off Brian’s dying body and felt strong hands pull me up. It was Sean. He pulled me into his arms. I was crying. He looked me in the eyes. We kissed. Someone took a photo. It was a Hollywood ending to a shooting rampage that left eight dead at the Chambers Community College admissions office.
     My name is Katie Emerson. I’m a 26-year-old guidance counselor. And for the last three weeks I have been doing interviews next to Sean with everyone from CNN to NBC to even Fox News. We’re supposed to be on Ellen next week. I have yet to tell any of them the whole truth.

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“Letter #2” by Erik Carlsen

I once scoured for white rocks
And mistook their name for

There is a bar where women get pregnant
Across the channel from the dock

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“The Fire Palette” by Lorna McGinnis

First Bloom

Mums burst, scarlet flame
Withering to fine, brown ash.
Gilded moon shines, soft

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