New Stories for December 17, 2018


“One Perfect Christmas Moment” by L. Lisa Lawrence

Every now and then, something amazing, profoundly hits us out of the blue; more often than not, it comes from a source that we least expect.


I am one of “those people” who prefers to use the words “Happy Holidays” to greet people during the winter holiday season in order to respect and acknowledge the fact that the season is shared by many faiths and traditions. It’s not a “war on Christmas”, it’s merely being inclusive and respectful.


I am not a Christian, but I do celebrate Christmas as a holiday of shared seasonal traditions. I celebrate it as a season of light, hope and ideally, peace on earth. To me, rebirth and renewal is a universal concept.


On Christmas morning, I walked to my neighborhood corner market to pick up something for a celebration that I was going to attend later in the day.  The weather was beautiful, the air was crisp and clean, and I was still enjoying fond memories of a celebration with good friends the night before.


As I looked out over the deep blue waters of Commencement Bay, I also contemplated all the stress and depression that many people feel at this time of year, and how truly sad that is. I thought of all the pressure that our society puts on people to be happy and have the “perfect” holiday, and how many end up disappointed and frustrated. I thought of those who have lost loved ones, and for whom this time of year brings only painful memories of loss. As I watched a homeless man digging in the trash, I thought sadly of those who don’t even have a home and a hot meal. It seemed so wrong to me that a season that is supposed to be about happiness and joy brings stress, depression and sadness to so many. I was feeling pretty darn jaded.


I was distracted from my train of thought when I stopped to chat with a friend from work at the little coffee shop on the corner, and was then greeted by familiar faces and smiles at our little neighborhood market. I made my purchases and began my walk back home, my mind drifting back to the sadness I was thinking about earlier..


And then, I heard it… on the air.


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“Let Her Speak” by Rucha Nimbalkar

Time and again its proven that she is not a witch
She is pure
let her speak
Her work shows that
she deserves to be heard
she is not a free loader
She is divine, she gives birth
She brings ideas to life
and gives them worth
She is crazy
Not to be taken easy
her strength will make you hazy
She is not an object
to touch or play
She is more than her size,
Her color, her shape are just a cover
beneath all that lies a lot of caliber
She is funny, she is witty
she is not born to please everybody
even when she is alone, like the sun
she shines and needs no one

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“The Carolers” by Elizabeth Beck

Christmas brings pudding, sweet and shining suet
Sugared plums swimming in cream
Paper crowns with bawdy jokes and a fullness of familial comfort
While Eve ushers the gentle whisper of candles lighting
And breathless waiting of children
Beneath a thick blanket of low hymns
We know the traditional dance
Of moon to morning sun
Few speak of the darkness before
When the Spirit moved over the waters
in inky blackness
The darkness before creation
The celebration of the night before Christmas Eve
Who would honor an absence
An emptiness, a void –
But for the carolers
It is the hour of indwelling and the
moment of making
That composes their song
As they shuffle door to closed door
Atonal and strange music
a magnetic pole hum
Shunning the candied doorways
Fleeing festive bulbs and bright strings
Pausing only to gaze through windows
Framing trees of the old woods
Relics from a time when there were many

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“The Alchemy of Self-Love” by Sumer Cave

If I am an Alchemist
Let me press my palms into the dirt
Let me conjure love
By burying my toes underneath waxy
Rain dropped rose petals
That make love to the worms
And let me set my ear to the earth

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