New Stories for January 15, 2018


“Mixed Girls” by Lauren Hoogkamer

Trace my skin:
White and black and brown —
Indescribable, I am all the colors in between.

Look in my eyes:
Slanted, big and small —
They’re all the shapes of round.

Feel my hair:
It’s curly, kinky, nappy
Sleek and straight and soft.

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“Frank” by Fishspit

Yeah, I felt like I was thrown away, tossed to the hyenas.

When I experienced my first bout of mental illness at age 13, I lived in a place where mental health treatment wasn’t looked upon with favor, or not looked at in any manner. There certainly weren’t any school counselors, not like today. I’m bitter about that.

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“And then Amethyst, Emerald” by Bethany Reid

A recurring dream of red rooms.
Beneath carpets elaborate as tapestries —
I search for my daughters,

red and gold giving way

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