New Stories for October 16, 2017


“The Art of Painting” by Cindy Hutchings

It probably started
with the berry pickers
hunters, warriors

those selected
to gather berries, in their work
wipe face of sweat
hands on clothes
leave berry stain

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“To Those I Have Loved” by Aidan Kelly

Melinda, who of all has loved me longest
And deepest, says I trail a cloud of threads,
Shining, invisible, each thread the bond
I made with each of you, each thread unbroken,
Not forgotten, mercifully anesthetized by time,
Yet leaving still a bittersweet “What if?”

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“On Earlham Drive” by Katherine Van Eddy

The dogwood tree
still stands in the front yard
where my grandfather
planted it decades ago
after he dug it
from the woods
behind their house
at the top of Vatican Hill.
As a child one summer
when I ran past that tree
a bee stung
the back of my hand.
My mother eased
the sharp pain
with baking soda
pressed into the pinprick
while I sat at the
kitchen table,
staring at the wallpaper
with green grape bunches
and fruit-filled bowls.

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