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New Stories for 11/10/2014

Trash Day by Michael Haeflinger

Haeflinger Berlin Reading— On Tuesday 11/11 Michael Haefligher with be reading with Gabriel D. Roberts, Violett Le Voit, and Forest Beutel at the Nearsighted Narwhal. Here’s is a taste of Haefliger’s newer work. —

Rainfall, a broken piece of floor, linoleum,
recycling to the rim with beer cans,
two neighbor girls off to school,
someplace behind the pull of sky,
a line of buildings dark all day.

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Love On the Beach – An Excerpt from The Backside of Nowhere by Alec Clayton

Author photoSue Ellen was his first love. He can recall every moment they spent together, especially the first times they made love. The first time was after a football game when they were juniors in high school. In the front seat of his daddy’s car. He’s pretty sure it ranked as the most disastrous firsts ever.

He pulled his daddy’s Pontiac onto the beach and yanked up the parking break. He cranked the driver side window down an inch or two to let in some of the cool fall air, and they faced each other and said, “Okay, here we are. Let’s do it.”

He scooted out from under the steering wheel and over to the middle of the front seat. It was a big car. There was plenty of room. They put their arms around each other, and they kissed, and he reached his hand under her blouse. “Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked.

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A Touch of Shade by Lorna McGinnis

IMG_0103Clouds cast shadows like hawk’s wings,
Breathing down my neck when the wind turns cold.

The gloom elongates, stretching up the brick walls,
Dimming them so their flushed redness fades to gray.

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Then by Chelsea Vitone

ChelseaRunning breathless, the wind whipping her hair behind her, she was exhilarated. Branches whizzed past her face, grabbing at her clothes and stray hairs. The crisp morning air filled her lungs, burning as she flung herself down the path. She could hear his footsteps close behind her, stumbling over roots and snapping branches. She burst into the clearing and whooped victoriously, spinning on her toes to face him. As he came lumbering into her arms, grabbing her playfully around the waist and pulling her to the ground, she jolted awake and stared up at the sky, pocked with clouds.

She lurched upward, the cheap paperback sliding off her chest onto the grass. Had she fallen asleep? She must have. The sun was lower in the sky than she remembered and the throng of people along the road was thinning out. The Wednesday farmer’s market always attracted a crowd. On the bench beside that shaded her, David and Shannon sat staring at her, then a knowing look passed between them.

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Mobious Streets of Tacoma by M. Morford

cclogo“What’s your ‘beat’?”

I should have expected that question. I was, after all, applying for a job as a writer. But once she asked me that most obvious question, I realized that I didn’t know.

But it made me think.

And now I know.

I write about the hidden, forgotten and neglected corners –and characters – of Tacoma.

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