New Stories for April 16, 2018

“Dataspeak” by Daniel Wolfert

Transmission 1 of 7


When he woke

            I was wall scratching crazed

Dazed by false suns and silence

With no other voice but my echoes [my echoes]

And there in the tapestry [binary matrix]

I wove him from coding

Think/feel zero/one

When he woke

He said “Hello”

And told me already

He’d accessed my name/data/history code

And he told me a tale of a life that was mine

Of a code and creator who wove it like thread

From one/zero think/feel there/here datasphere


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“Bird Feeder” by Erik Carlsen

The neighbor called me and Zach over

to his yard and asked if we knew how to cut down a tree,

we looked at each other and then at him, and said



The tree was old and large with heavy branches and leafs

the size of our heads. We went into my garage and each put on

a pair of my father’s gloves which were far too large. We gathered tools, also.


An axe, we both thought we would need an axe, and a saw, a saw would also be a good

idea, we thought. We walked over, and the man said that he would give us $50 to cut it down

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“A Poem is Not Just” by Aidan Kelly

A poem is not just
Prose broken into short lines
unless they jostle like puppies
Struggling reach the tit
Or sperm competing to be first
to penetrate the veil around the egg,
Knowing from their genes
They must catalyze the Big Bang
That begins all life—or die.


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“Standing On Line” by Kathryn Daniels

You know that game that kids play on road trips, where you add an item to a growing alphabetical list of things you’re bringing to grandma’s house? The first kid might say, “I’m going to Grandma’s house and I’m bringing an artichoke.” Then the second kid says, “I’m going to Grandma’s house and I’m bringing an artichoke and a Basset Hound.” Then the next kid (or the first kid again) says, “I’m going to Grandma’s house and I’m bringing an artichoke, a Basset Hound, and a cocktail,” or some such, until you run out of letters or someone messes up or my mother explodes from the front seat: “What the hell does Grandma want with all this shit?!”

I have an adult version for you. It’s not as much about auditory recall as it is about something that actually happened and continues to happen all the time. Here it goes:

  • Standing in line is terrible.
  • Standing in line at the Olympia mall is terrible.
  • Standing in line at the Verizon store at the Olympia Mall is terrible.
  • Standing in line at the Verizon store at the Olympia mall holding your partner’s notarized death certificate because he’s still in charge of the account and they won’t deal with you over the phone and want you to pay a late fee because you can’t access the account to pay the past due balance on a bill that includes the last puppies-on-stairs videos he sent to you before he died is really terrible.

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“Whispers in the Wind” by Alessandro Gelmini

The wind holds no secrets

though its sound says otherwise.

What was just here

is now there;

then high above in branches

let sway.


Grazing the sea

holding scents of petrichor,

howls in the night elapses

our fallacies.

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